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Currency converted into capital, must have the following four basic conditio: 1, the currency into a commodity.
Assumes that current deposit rate for the rd, deposit rate of preparation for rt, deposit for T, is: A = rt rd T D * * E (2) assumes that flow of cash and demand deposits D C T with current deposit, time deposit, excess reserves and current account E D D, respectively, to maintain A relatively stable proportion relatio, its coefficient respectively with k, T, E said, then: C = D (3) T = D * * k T E = D * (4) (5) the monetary base B E by commercial bank reserves and distribution of cash of two parts, namely: B = C (6) if (2), (3) into (6), the monetary base formula is: B = rt rd T D * * E D * k (7) to (4), (5) into (7), too: B = D * rd D * rt.
T D * * k E D = D * (rd rt * T E k) (8) or D = B\/(rd rt * T E k) (9) 1 \/ (rd rt * T E k) is A current deposit expaion ratio.
Housing and stock prices too high if the hot money speculation, when the hot money retreating, will take huge investment profits, leaving a pile of inflated asset prices, a bunch of debt, the Banks and domestic buye will be executed spiderman.
Fit: legal tender issued by the second: the currency is starting the fit attempt to issue digital currency countries around the world: 3 different digital encryption and other virtual currency: is issued by the state bank of big data platform 4: the purpose of digital currency: alternative paper money in cash, to prevent the occurrence of counterfeit money, reducing circulation costs, improve speedWish you a happy work, life smoothly.
Similar digital currency has very much, homogeneous competition is fierce.
This style is revealed in the official body, that is really.
As tenants taobao, pay a deposit.
It to provoke a peon dominate the aspiratio of his own fate, have I can help.
Encryption extortion money not safety activity has become a kind of important traactio on the Internet at present, and most of the victims for enterprise to blackmail the activities of requirements by encrypting monetary pay a raom.
Zhang SAN will stay 500 jin of rice to eat, li si will leave 500 eggs to eat.
So, want to investment funds, the fit to choose good book a compreheive introduction to fund, to help you fully undetand what fund is?When huang taiji and casting the manchu script of chung han money money day.
And have a client, has been investing in gold and silver, gold recently lost 860000, silver lost about 530000, now every day is listless, oneself hard most of her money, ready to endowment money, in a recent also lost more than 100, he was deeply hit.
Lineage since the Ming dynasty was established at the end of the meta - is the money system, enactedCurrency monetary characteristics: decentralization: the currency is the fit kind of distributed virtual currency, the entire network coists of the user, not the central bank.

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