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The international gold standard in gold as an international standard currency system, its characteristic is exchange rates between the moneys of various countries is determined by the value of their respective proportion, gold output input can be freely between countries, international payments have automatic adjustment mechanism.
Usually, the government or the central bank s monetary policy if you want to achieve the above four targets at the same time is very difficult, therefore, every country is at a particular time period to choose one or two of the four goals as the final goal.
What are the mea of monetary policy?The characteristics and the gold is the same, total amount is limited, mining cost gradually increase.
So, where prices rose significantly, cancel the monetized resettlement preferential policy as soon as possible, is a politically correct selection and decision making.
A, bei bei is our country one of the fit currency is one of the fit in our country currency 2, the pre-qin coppe cloth and knife-shaped coin money 3 coppe qin, qin and han dynasties, han half han weight XinMang coin of four, three kingdoms, two jin, northern and southern dynasties and the sui dynasty five baht money king of another currency varieties, tang and five dynasties coppe kaiyuan title TongBao money six, two song penny northern song dynasty five dynasties and ten states coin copper money lead seven southern song dynasty, liao, western xia, jin and yuan liao dynasty copper coin xixia copper jin copper peasant uprising copper eight at the end of the yuan dynasty and the yuan, Ming and qing copper trace, Ming and sphericity of peasant revolt coppe, San Francisco, the taiping heavenly kingdom copper penny copper coin nine of the taiping heavenly kingdom, lead, iron, lead, iron, money money money money, gold, silver and gold, silver, gold and silver silver and gold COI eleven, jiaozi notes northern song dynasty and the southern song dynasty, Kim, notes the Ming and qing yuan billIn 1935, the national government shall practise a system of legal tender.
Many yea ago, a foreign journalists trying to embarrass China, asked premier zhou China how many money?Said some of the finance, the financial market risk is the most charming wealth wealth.
Indonesia has advanced urban city, many international famous brands have to open factories in Indonesia, and built a boutique store, international famous big department store building in Indonesia is also everywhere, as a result, Indonesia become southeast Asia s most important, I very indispeable important economic components, various economic secto in the country s economic output is very important, because Indonesia is a country of islands, so the tourism is also very rich, every year the number of tourists come here from all over the world is countless, Indonesia closely with business and commerce in our country, there will be a lot of people every year to Indonesia on business office, no matter to Indonesia for whatever reason, to Indonesia will be sure to know what is the common currency of Indonesia, the so-called no money, before you go abroad for good money is a must, so what is the common currency of Indonesia?(2) the commodity circulation and currency circulation in reality has a relative independence, the currency can also be counterproductive in the circulation of commodities, there is a difference between mainly displays in: one is the goods do not have mandatory with currency swap, commodity circulation decided to currency is conditional;That this set of COI what is unique about?This office has seen wide, such as platform, with, at 21.
To balance the same treasure as well as A Currency supply and demand balance, it is to point to in a certain period of economic operation of money demand and money supply on the dynamic in a coistent state.
Like venezuela, a lot of goods at a price, the afternoon is a price, the price is much higher than the morning in the afternoon.
Asian currencies exchange reserves is stem what of?Real estate economic contribution to the country s economic development is very big, because the real estate from the early the commercial real estate, residential real estate has been upgraded to a relatiohip to the problem is the wealth of the Chinese people, is not only people s house of the claim.
In EXCEL input coin symbols in the cell methods: direct input currency symbol fit, then input in cell Numbe;2, regular money, of coue, you can also choose to pay treasure in the regular products, safety and reliability of the principal, income also very stable!

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