copy system

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copy system

But if America s Wall Street to become a player, that it may be upside down.
PengGai monetized resettlement itself will lead to rising prices, why?In this way, the social average profit, equal amount of capital profit.
2 cents, 5 cents in 1957, in 1956 January 1961 cents, how many people collect in hand?Around one in 2012 into the currency circle of friends, his research assembly mill, mining investment projects, the primary market in just a few yea time, assets turn to do level.
Value measurement is the most basic, the most important currency functio, namely currency ACTS as the performance and the measure of all other goods value.
There are two ways to get the fund dividends: cash dividend and dividend reinvestment.
In this world only the univee is infinite, the other should be limited.
World currency is in the international circulation of commodities give play to the role of univeal equivalent currency.
You are like the ancient property, property of the house was finished copy, he may not have property in other place, if the property is electronic currency, so only need little mouse, and can freeze funds, for some people in some countries are not willing to fully electronic currency assets.
As the loan balance growth is slowing, financial ititutio of the gap widening, loan-to-deposit ratio has fallen dramatically.
From which we can learn three, fit, the so-called monetary fund as you take in, is actually T 0 quick redemptive, since money funds also must carry on the daily traactio and management, investo want to use, also want to redeem, you treasure redeemed to balance will prompt you, if you choose the day to account (that is, T 0 quick redemption) that day is not your interest, if you choose the second day to account, have interest;Keynesian but did not find the root cause of the economic crisis, the basic contradiction of capitalism, so it is impossible to find a effective way to eliminate the crisis fundamentally.
Because real currency is a symbol of national sovereignty and is endoed by national credit, through issuing regulation economy, management state, is in the nature of force, shall enjoy the right of COI.
Is most famous for the refinement of 1986 COI, circulation of only 660 sets, each medal is high-quality goods, the price, of coue, the highest in the currency.
The dollar is the currency of the international, the federal reserve sharply cut interest rates, of coue, have more influence on currencies.
Balance of Internet financial product scale expands rapidly, especially the treasure to nearly 2 trillion the total scale, can bring great pressure to the traditional bank deposits, as the end of the ipection of step by step approach, will trigger a new round of

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