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thomas arnemann

Just said above the central bank s level, of coue, there are market themselves also have a correct function, according to fisher s law, when the market expected inflation ascends, interest rates will rise.
Historically, money market ahead of the capital market, money market is the foundation of the capital market.
With the development of the Commodity Exchange, the monetary demand is more and more big, the seashell has can t satisfy people s needs, shang dynasty, people began to use copper imitation seashells.
What currency do they use Germany France?Generally the one-year deposit interest rate of 1.
75%, a two-year is 2.
25%, three yea of 2.
But the United States now want to enjoy the rights, is not willing to bear the obligation.
Monetary fund is a low risk, low earnings of financial products, does not occur under the condition of systemic risk, it is hard to be a loss.
Money supply, it is to point to a country in a certain point on the service for social and economic operation of the money stock, it supplied by financial ititutio, including the central bank of deposit money and cash money two parts.
Liquidity average occupancy and production output and the ratio between the sales revenue.
COI denominatio have 5, 10, 20 and 0.
5, 1, 2, 5 Swiss francs.
Also, to promote the science and technology board listed this year, these are all I see more of the stock market up the main cause of this year.
This is very obvious, twenty-three dolla, $20 is the tralation of meaning, the dollar is the United States the legal currency of the country.
The currency to dig out capacity upgrade has more money, split currency is also a few guinea Bissau rationing.
The difference between money and inflation: refe to the current currency notes COI now coume such as equivalent, inflation refe to the process of circulation of goods.
Reform and opening up and let go of the herbs.
Higher political questio: from the origin of currency, essence and functio should talk about how to deal with money?Gas is very cheap, car rental is cheap, can choose to rent a car using navigation tow.
All in all, the third quarter of this year increased by more than $300 balance of size, it s better if can yield in higher!

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